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How Fencing can develop character

Fencing, a sport that calls to your imagination of heroes and champions. Ordinary men and women who took up the sword to defend the weak and help those in need. It’s a sport that requires training to develop the mind and body to deliver movements with skill, grace and agility. Our passion and love for fencing and the values that embodies the sport has led us to commit to develop a character focused curriculum to groom men and women of Honour, Grace & Chivalry.

Benefits of Fencing

  • Develops Hand, Eye and Leg Co-ordination along with muscle control.

  • Trains one’s mental and emotional strength and control.

  • Promotes Self-confidence, Self-discipline and Decision-making skills.

  • Helps in developing fine motor skills, agility and flexibility more than any other sport

How does Fencing train the mind to focus?

  • Fencing trains the mind; during bouting or sparring, it’s not only about agility but also about strategy. Fencing is known as ‘physical chess’ where one must think and anticipate to score a point or solve the next attack from the opponent.

  • Fencing trains the mind to concentrate and focus better than any other sport due to the nature of attack and defence strategies one must take against an opponent

  • Fencing develops the individual with the ability to focus their mind and body to execute skills and techniques with agility and control.

Z Fencing has 2 training centres located in central Singapore dedicated to deliver the world’s first character-driven fencing programme for children aged 4 years and up.

Benefits of Z Fencing’s Programme

  • World’s first and only Fencing school with a 5 Level Grading Progression Pathway beyond competitive results for Children and Youths.

  • Dual Goal Coaching approach – Developing the Character and Skill of Children and Youths

  • Different Programmes to suit the various aspirations of each Child and Youth

  • Development is focused on the success and achievements of each Child and Youth

Let your child experience the benefits of fencing with a free trial at Z Fencing. Sign up here!

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