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Our Best to Team Z at the World Cadet & Junior Champs 2014, Plovdiv Bulgaria

In less than a week, our Team Z fencers will do battle at the World Junior and Cadet Champs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

The World Champs represents the highest level of competition in the world and we are indeed proud of our Z fencers whom earned and qualified a place to represent Singapore. They will have a chance to to pit their skills against the world's best.

Our Z Fencers who earned a spot on Team Singapore include:-

Women's Foil Cadet

Aarya Berthier

Amita Berthier

Nicole Mae Wong

Men's Foil Cadet

Jet Ng

Men's Epee Cadet

Samuel Lee

Men's Epee Junior

Aloysius Low

Men's Foil Junior

Justin Ong

Women's Foil Junior

Nicole Mae Wong

Aarya Berthier

Only 3 individual places are available for each weapon and gender per country. (Celine Chong in Women's Epee Junior qualified but was unable to accept due to her studies in medical school.)

In women's foil cadet, our Z fencers and coaches did us proud by earning all three spots in the event. A milestone not easy to achieve and we are indeed grateful to all whom played a role to make this happen.

For the cadets, this will also be the quaifying event for the YOG 2014 in Nanjing. We wish our fencers whom are eligible for qualification including Jet Ng, Samuel Lee, Nicole Mae Wong and Aarya Berthier the very best in their attempt to qualify for the Youth Olympics. BELIEVE!

A special mention to all coaches Joseph, James, Gabor, Fritz, Jing Li and Edward for playing an important part in their journey to their qualifications. We would also like to recognise the efforts of all their team mates whom trained together and supported their bid for quaifications. Your turn will come soon enough!

Let us all as one Z Family, congratulate and wish our Z Fencers and coaches a succesful campaign. May you inspire the best for all of us!

Please check back at our Facebook account for the latest results and updates:

My Best

TK Wong

Founder and Maestro

for all at Z Fencing

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