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"At Z, we don't just teach fencing. We try to give back the life lessons that have molded our own lives."

Inscribed at every salle in Z Fencing is our founders' belief that our most important task at hand is in molding character.


This will always be the Z difference.

Est. 1993

The Founding Maestros of Z Fencing

James "Viking" Wong, TK "Ace" Wong, "Autumn Leaf" Heok, "Ice" Mak

The Z Story

Founded in 1993 by an Olympian and three of the best national fencers of Singapore, Z Fencing established the first private fencing academy in the country. Since then, Z has been widely credited with playing a major role in growing the sport and its excellence pathway in Singapore. Today, Z is growing internationally as a brand reknown for bringing together excellence in fencing with character development for the young. We welcome you to learn more about our vision and our story.

Experience our 20 years history!

One for All and All for Z!

Like the line made famous by the story The 3 Musketeers - "All for One and One for All", our founding Maestros have known each other for over 30 years. First as team-mates on the national team, and then as founding partners of Z.


Through thick and thin, they have resolutely guided Z Fencing - from a small salle in a shophouse along Beach Road renovated with help by friends and fencers - into a modern fencing academy with multiple centres and a growing international brand.


​Z Fencing has the largest number of fencers training with us at over 4 fencing centres in Singapore, with more growing studios in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Los Angeles. It's flagship Elite Fencers Academy at SAFRA Toa Payoh is over 6,000 sqft with 10 electrical fencing pistes and impact protection flooring - the largest dedicated fencing facility in Singapore and the region.


Today, that dream is shared by an international team of elite coaches, trainers, sports managers and professionals, who continue to believe that our way forward is "One for All and All for Z."

Founder's Message


T.K. "Ace" Wong

Founder and Maestro

World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Award 2001

Singapore Youth Award (Entreprenuership) 2001

National IT Leader Award (Young Professional) '97

MIT '89 (USA), RI '83 (SIN)


"Maestro di Scherma. Maestro di Vita."

A revered Italian saying that a maestro of fencing, is in the end, a maestro of life.

Fencing is culture, and closely linked to building character - a duel between self and situation.



"Maestro de Scherma. Maestro de Vita."


There is a revered Italian saying that a maestro of the sword, is in the end, a maestro of life. Fencing is seen as culture, and one most closely linked to the building of character.


At Z, the most important lessons we have taken away from fencing have been about what it takes to be successful as a person. To acheive personal mastery with purposeful training, and setting challenges that tests ourselves and forge our character.

"Successful is the person who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of children, who leaves the world better than they found it, and who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of themselves..."

The Essence of Success


I have always been intrigued by why some people enjoy enormous success in their lives - reaching their full potential, making a difference, love and being loved. What is their secret?


The key, I have come to realise, is passion. When you love what you do, when you find meaning and purpose in that, you naturally do it better than anyone else. This is your own unique gift. The purpose of education is thus to help us discover what we are gifted at - and to use that to make our mark on this earth.


For me, I have been happiest when I am helping people, guiding and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. I relish the situation when the odds are stacked against you, when people say it can't be done - but the indomitable human spirit ultimately prevails. Yes, you can!


Fencing teaches one to "know more about oneself". That has been true for me. Maximise your strengths, know your weaknesses - the art of strategy. At the end, make it your own. Be different and be special. I have gained so much from fencing that I cannot imagine how life would be without it.


And so, we feel privileged to be able to share these valuable lessons and help nurture our future through the noble art of fencing - to help them discover their gifts and to learn the essence of success.  They are certainly lessons that will go beyond the fencing and into sharpening their lives. This is indeed the guiding light for our vision and all that we do at Z. 


Come join us and make your mark on the world. Engarde!



On behalf of the Maestros of Z Fencing

18th Sept, 2003




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