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Our Vision

The Best Inspire the Best

Z Fencing has blazed a trail in our vision to be an international elite fencing academy reknown for bringing together the best in fencing with character development for the young. In all that we do, we challenge ourselves with the same question "can it be better? will it inspire?".  For the past 20 years, we've set the bar high and have gained much admiration worldwide for the many firsts that we have pioneered.


Top 10 areas Z has blazed a trail in fencing & character development



1. a graded 5 level curriculum incorporating both fencing and character development for clear skills progression
2. a structured Z-training system organised by age-group, skills-level, and core-elite aspirations that professionalises instruction
3. a workbook for the young  instilling fencing knowledge and values where parents can share in their progess
4. an annual graduation gala that celebrates our young fencers achievements and honours our value award winners
5.  dedicated fencing studios in highly visible retail locations with strong branding design to increase mindshare of fencing
6. growing presence of centrally located studios both in Singapore and internationally to make fencing accessible
7.  elite fencers academy on par with many world-class national centres for high performance training
8.  bringing together the world's best fencers in a spectacular Z1 Pro-Fencing show
9. an olympic developmental programme with individualised planning, overseas training camps, and masterclasses
10. an international team of passionate and highly skilled elite coaches focused on positive long term development. 

"A Lighthouse for the World's Best Fencing"



Our Mission 

Men & Women of Honour, Grace & Chivalry

Our mission is to nurture men & women of honour, grace and chivalry through fencing. 


We believe that champions cultivate habits that help them succeed not only in sports but also in life. Through the sport of fencing, we aim to instill in them our belief that "Success begins with focus, discipline and determination." These are the personal mastery values they will take beyond fencing into their lives.


Fencing is a noble sport with a rich heritage of chivalry and heroism. Our goal is to inspire our young fencers to first master themselves and then to do good for society as heroes of their time. It is these ethical values that make our beloved sport special and well regarded by society for enriching our young. Ladies & Gentlemen to be.


Z Credo

Honour Above All

Grace in Victory or Defeat

Chivalry for All in Need


One for All and All for Z!

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