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Z Curriculum

For 0ver 25 years, Z Fencing has helped many young fencers progressively develop their fencing skills through our structured 5-Level curriculum. We run these lessons in age-appropriate classes and offer both core and elite programmes. The Z training system professionalises fencing instruction and provides a clear development pathway for all our young fencers. It is a major reason for our fencers' success and our worldwide recognition.

Programmes to Match Every Aspiration

The Z programme is modularized for fencers to progress at a pace and intensity to match their own aspiration and desired goals.


The CORE Programme introduces fencing from Grades Z1 to Z3 at an easy pace without sacrificing the necessary foundations to the sport. Importantly, it nurtures the love for the sport, and instills the necessary values to succeed in fencing, as well as in life. Core fencers can continue fencing at recreational and school level.


The DEVELOPMENT programme (Pre-Elite) offers budding fencers the challenge of intensifying training and faster progression from grades Z1 to Z4. It also serves as a good pre-elite level training after learning the basics. Development fencers can compete at school and club level, or take this as their main school CCA. 


The ELITE programme caters to fencers who desire to perform at the highest level in top flight fencing competitions. It includes a minimum of 2-3 group sessions per week and individual lessons with their primary coach. It also includes overseas training camps and competition exposure. Fencers finishing Z1 and are 8 yrs of age are eligible for consideration to the Elite programme.


Private INDIVIDUAL programmes are also available for individuals who prefer personalization of their training and accelerated learning. Schedule and training plans will be customised to each individual based on their goals.

The Z Fencing Graded Levels

The Z 5-Level curriculum offers a clear developmental pathway for all our young fencers to confidently and progressively aquire their fencing skills. There is an annual grading where fencers can attain their next level proficiency badge to wear proudly on their fencing jacket. This enables us to organise classes by proficiency level as well as by age groups - to professionalise fencing instruction. It is a major difference of the Z Fencing training system.

Level 1-5 Badges Attained At Annual Grading and Graduation

The Z Fencing Workbook

The groundbreaking Z-keteer Heroes Workbook is designed for fencers aged 6 to 12 yrs of age. Based on the Z Curriculum, the book engages the young fencer to learn more about fencing and the values that are important for success in life. This workbook is used to accompany our Level 1 Z-Keteer programme. It also helps parents keep abreast and enable them to participate in the progress and accomplishments of their young fencer.

The Z Grand Gala Graduation

The Z Grand Gala is an annual coming together of the entire academy to celebrate our young fencers who are graduating to the next level. A friendly competition is held together with a graduation knighting ceremony. We also acknowledge the winners of our Value Awards - in the areas of "Honour, Grace & Chivalry" and "Focus, Discipline & Determination". Held over an entire weekend in September, it will bring together over 600 of our fencers and parents, as well as fencers from our Z International.

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