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We've won much accolades from our fencers for our fun and enriching programmes. Parents love our positive and inspiring approach to engaging the young, and our structured 5-level graded curriculum. Corporate's love our professional facilities and well run team bonding and "fencing is strategy" programmes. See what our fans have to say about Z Fencing here.

“As the months progressed, it became clear that my 8 yr old son  became more disciplined. I noticed that his fitness level and stamina has improved!”

J Centindamar, mum of Eren



​“Z Fencing's real passion is not just for fencing, but also in developing focus, discipline and confidence....and most of all, fun embodied in the art form of fencing. My son has benefited tremendously from these aspects!”
Alex Kwok, dad of Wesley
​“Since joining Z Fencing, our children have not only picked up a new sport, but they are also gaining valuable lessons in understanding themselves better. They have also learned the importance of patience and concentration...”
Joanne Chiah, mum of Calyn and Christopher
“Lydia has benefited from the strong motivational focus of the program, which is a credit to the Z Coaches and staff.”
Judd Kinne, dad of Lydia


Dear Founders, Coaches, Staff, Fencers and Parents


The Mortimer Family would like to congratulate Z Fencing on 20 years of hard work, perseverance, challenges, commitment, optimism, achievements and success.


Z Fencing and The Mortimer Family- Something in common: 20th Anniversary.


Twenty years ago Z fencing had a vision of forming a great club to provide fencers not only with the sport skills but with the values that people need: respect, discipline, integrity, effort, care and love.


Twenty years ago, John and I embarked upon the challenge to form a family. I am sure like Z Fencing we were not sure if our "projects" would succeed. We were nervous but we decided to work hard, to make a commitment, and keep positive during the difficulties. Here we are happy and with a sense of pride we have succeeded.


The major success for the founder is called Z Fencing. For us they are called James and Julian.


James and Julian joined Z Fencing at the beginning of 2010. James was nearly 9 and Julian was nearly 7 years old.

We had moved from Adelaide, Australia to live in Singapore. While walking in a shopping centre the boys stopped at a window to see some children dressed in white with masks and swords...of course swords for boys and that age is so cool!


They asked me what the name of that sport was but I did not know. I did know the name in Spanish (my mother tongue): "Esgrima" I said but it did not help.. So I called John who translated it for me. "Fencing" I said. So James and Julian decided that "Fencing" would be for them.


One day while walking in United Square we saw Z Fencing Centre. We walked in and enrolled the boys in a trial session. That trial session turned into a once a week lesson, later in a twice a week, to the extent that I was spending more time in Z Fencing than at home! Having two boys in different weapons,  schedules, and centres became the family  challenge! 

A challenge we have enjoyed, and no regrets!


Fencing has not only been a wonderful sport for James a Julian but also it has given the entire family the opportunity to make friends, to have a sense of belonging, and of course to get to know new places around the world.


Soon we will leave Singapore and Z Fencing will come with us not only in the sea shipment and air freight but most importantly in our hearts. 


Thank you all for your support, kindness, patience, teachings, you all have given to James and Julian.




With love,

The Mortimer Family

Julian, James, Lorena and John

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