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Classes & Schedules (Core)

Z Fencing's focus on developing young fencers have seen many of our fencers grow up in our academy. Today, after 20 years we have developed both the breadth and depth of for all age groups. It is based on a systematic progression of our curriculum following the 5-Level grading system, organised into age appropriate classes. Given the founders business backgrounds, we have also been sought after to run corporate strategy and team bonding sessions. Check out the classes suitable for your child or yourself here!

Z Prep (for ages 4-5)


Our philosophy to teaching fencing is similar to that of music, dance and the languages. By starting young, the techniques become naturally part of their growth and development. Our Z Prep classes prepare our young fencers with good agility, balance, and coordination - the ABCs to a good preparation in fencing.


The classes are 45 mins held once per week and are organised with games that help them pick up good motor and hand-eye coordination skills.  In small classes, they are engaged dynamically to increase their focus, discipline and mental concentration. It's a great way to expose your child to fencing with lots of purposeful fun.

Zketeer (for ages 6-12)


The core of the Z Fencing system is our ZKeteers programme. We have identified that the best age to start is around 5-7 yrs of age to lay a strong fencing foundation. As it takes more than 10 yrs to develop an accomplished fencer, this gives sufficient time to nurture the passion, and ground the fundamentals by the time of their competitive teen years.

Our well structured and organised ZKeteer programme is the cornerstone to the success of many of our elite fencers. Held once or twice per week, the lessons are 60 to 90mins long depending on level. They will learn footwork, bladework, fencing tactics and etiquette, physical conditioning, and increase their mental focus, discipline and determination.

ZYouth (for ages 13 & above)


Our ZYouth programme is a great way for teens to learn a new sport and get a good mental and physical workout. Many teens use our programme also to meet their school CCA requirement by attending two lessons per week. Lessons are 1.5hrs per week.


Fencing is a sport that requires both intelligence as well as physical agility. It appeals to many youth who like a thinking sport with the excitement of a duel against another fencer. Many also love the elegance and fineese of the sport. It helps develop strategic thinking and quick decision making, requiring strong mental focus to out-wit an opponent. 


Z Die Hard (for adults)


If you have always wanted to learn fencing or be a swashbuckling hero, this programme is for you. Catered to busy adults, one can sign up for a 4 week Introductory course as a group (1.5hrs each lesson held in the evening), and schedule individual private lessons (30mins each lesson) with one of our qualified coaches. 

After the Introductory course, the next step will be to master advance technique and skills in our Intermediate course for 4 weekly session (1.5hrs each lesson held in the evening), and schedule individual private lessons (30mins each lesson) with one of our qualified coaches. 


Upon completion of both courses, you are now ready to fence in our Z Die Hard membership programme. Held at least once a week, you will now be able to pit your wits and skills against other like-minded adult fencers on the piste!

Z Edge (for corporate)


Our corporate programme is great for supporting a team bonding outing, an experiential off-site workplan retreat, or a company fitness-wellness initiative. Key fencing concepts are strategy, agility and tactical decisiveness.


Held over 3.5hrs, it is led by experienced coaches who are also familiar with the business needs of companies. We have done numerous events for large companies and government organisations such as SingTel, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Far East Organisation, Spring, and MHA.

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