Latest Class Schedules ( as of March 2022)

Check out our latest class schedules here. These are new novice group classes.


For more information on indvidualised lessons,  advanced classes, or corporate classes, please contact us for further info. 

There are three weapons in fencing - Foil, Epee and Sabre. One can start in either weapon depending on age.


2022 March Schedule.jpg

If you find a class here that fits you, send us an email at Contact Us with the timing and centre, and we'll help get you started!


If no class fits you or your child, we also offer one-on-one classes that better suit your timing, and can let you know future upcoming classes he or she can join in.


For adult fencing classes, we have Beginner Fencing classes as well as Adult Die Hard. Take a look and see what suits you best!