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Rachel Mary Lim wins Z Grand Gala Challenge Trophy

Z Grand Gala Challenge Trophy for Zketeers

Over the last three years, a young girl with great determination won the Gold medal at the Z Grand Gala. She had waited patiently for something she had always worked towards to, and that was, to take home the big challenge trophy that Z Fencing promised to anyone who won the gala over 3 yrs consecutively within the same age group category.....

That girl was Rachel Mary Lim! Our ZK Elite Fencer under coach Jing Li, a student of RGPS. She won for 3 consecutive years in the Z Grand Gala for the 9-12 age category including:

Z Grand Gala 2011 - Zketeer Foil Novices Under 9 Girls Individual

Z Grand Gala 2012 – Zketeer Foil Under 10 Girls Individual

Z Grand Gala 2013 – Zketeer Foil Under 12 Girls Individual

At Z, our word is our bond, and so we are happy to announce that a small ceremony was held among her team mates and she was presented with the big challenge trophy which she can now claim as her very own! You can see the big glee on her face, well deserved for something she has worked so hard for with great determination over the last three years and more.

Sorry Rachel for taking so long to get this done. We hope this motivates you even further and more so to inspire all our young fencers in Z. We know you will blaze a trail in the coming years with your focus, discipline and determination! May "The Best Inspire."

One for All and All for Z!

My Best

Maestro TK Wong

on behalf of all the Maestros of Z

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