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Get set to join the Z Family for a fun-filled weekend! - 12 & 13 March 2016

We are all truly looking forward to this weekend held in honour of all our young fencers. For some fencers, this will be their first competition that they are participating in. Our goal of this upcoming competition is to allow your fencers to experience competition in an enjoyable and friendly environment. First, a few important things to note:

For all Novices category, we will be awarding a

medal to each and everyone!

All fencers in our eyes are winners for bravely taking up their first fencing competition. Prize Presentation ceremony will be held shortly after the conclusion of their category.

Coaches will not be coaching one Z Fencer against another as per international etiquette. However, the coaches will be close at hand

to give encouraging support, hooking up and to

catch “learning life moments”.

Kind encouragements and support are greatly welcomed.

Please join us to encourage and motivate each young fencer you see and give them a hi-5 and a great big

smile during the weekend!

We will be hosting 19 novice fencers on Saturday (Individual Event) and 51 fencers on Sunday (Team Event). We ask for your kind understanding during the event as the Z Team do our best to smoothly run the competition with fencers as young as 6 years old.

Challenge your friends to a showdown! Stand a chance to win home a Lollipop if you can beat your friends to be the neatest fencer of them all!

The most important goal of this competition is to celebrate your fencer’s progress, building espirt de corps of a Z Team, as well as spreading the love for our beautiful sport. The journey of a fencer is a long one, so there is plenty of time for wins and losses. Let us have a great time during this weekend’s competition with filled with Honour, Grace & Chivalry. One for All and All for Z!

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