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The Habits of Success - Begins with a Focus on the Details

Our Founders Message in 2015 about Habits, Values & Self-Mastery
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Dear Fencers and Parents,

Late last year, I took over one of our coaches classes while he was away. It was always fun for me to work with the young fencers, and to keep in touch. We all had fun and a purposeful training session. As I called for the end of the training, our fencers went into a routine that reminded me vividly what our mission here at Z Fencing was all about.

We formed a line, I summarised the key learning points, got their feedback, and then saluted to each other and shook hands. Then everyone went to remove their clothing and gear, and without any prompting, began to pack their clothes in the same signature way – all bundled neatly into their chest protector.

As I looked around, I realised that it had become a habit for them – to take care of their equipment and to be reponsible for it. No one had to help them pack! And this happens at each of our salles after most training sessions. It had become part of our culture, part of Z way, part of their habits. It was a refreshing reminder to me of why we do what we do here at Z.

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle
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In each Z fencing salle, kids were packing their gear with the same focus that was simply amazing. Even the naughtier ones!

Started by our co-founder and Principal Ms. Teo, this small act said a lot about what kind of Z Fencer we envisioned. You see, our belief is that success begins only with focus, discipline and determination – the esssence of SELF-MASTERY. But while these are big words for our young fencers to truly grasp, taking care of their equipment and packing things in a tidy manner was a simple but meaningful way to inculcate this habit and to begin their path to SELF-MASTERY.

In the high performance side of the sport, success is determined by the details of preparation, technique, tactics, mental and regeneration. But life is just the same, isn’t it? Taking these principles and making them into habits for our young fencers, whether they are doing it competitively (elite) or for enrichment (core), is our way to combine the best of fencing with the values that will help shape their character.

Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny.
- Mahatma Gandhi

So as we go into our 22nd year as Z Fencing, it struck me we must continue in our mission to bring the best out of fencing, not just for performance results, but to impact our young in a way that will make them all champions in life. Through this focus on the habits of success, we can help shape their values to inspire the best of themselves and of others. This will always be our Z difference.

May the Best Inspire!

My Best Always,

Wong Toon King (

Co-Founder and High Performance Director

On behalf of the Maestros of Z

January, 2015

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Give your child a word of praise when you see this in their fencing bag!

Let's reinforce the habits of success that will help shape their lifes.

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