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Value Award Winners

Above and beyond competition results, our most important task at hand is shaping character. Every year during our grand gala, we recognise those outstanding teams and individuals who set an example for the values we care most about. Learn more about them here and be inspired!


Sean Koh

Sean's goal is to go to the Singapore Sports School to follow the path of his brother who is a swimmer there.
To achieve this Sean is training very hard and his results are showing from his hard work. While he is one of the best saber fencer in his age category he remains humble.
He is helping his team-mates to improve and he likes to challenge of more experienced athletes because he knows that's how he can improve.

Madeleine Becker

Always ready to help the others, to lend a wire or simply to support the other Z Fencers.

She is the first one to arrive and the last one to go away after practice.


Vera Anne Lim

Every time when she is fencing she always gives the respect to her opponent, whether she wins or loses. Vera exhibis the same  respectful attitude towards the coaches and the staff members of Z Fencing.

Nicole Goh

Behind a nice smile there is a fencer who is fully focused on the exercise during the training and to achieve the best possible result during the competitions. She always gives 110% in competitions.

Jessica Ong

She is always the first fencer in the class who is ready to follow the instructions of the coach. Very polite, respects the rules and kind with the other fencers.

Dan Wei Zuo

While he is just 9 years old he is the most determined young saber fencer. He is participating in every training camp, signing up for every competition and barely missing a training.
After going home he is still watching fencing on youtube and knows all the world class saber fencers by name.
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