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Value Award Winners

Above and beyond competition results, our most important task at hand is shaping character. Every year during our grand gala, we recognise those outstanding teams and individuals who set an example for the values we care most about. Learn more about them here and be inspired!


Isabella F Harrison

Isabella joined the Z Fencing Family in 2012 and even within this short period of time showed her amazing character.
She is fully focused during class, disciplined and determined to improve. Friendly with her classmates and respects everyone. She is truly deserving of this award. Currently she is in the ZKeteers Level 2 Class.

Ray Oh

Ray started to fence in 2011. He likes to fence and compete even against older and stronger fencers. He is graceful  in victory and in defeat and happily shakes hand after every bout he fences.
He is quite playful and always smiling. Currently he is in the ZKeteers Level 2 Class.

Jasmine Xu

Jasmine started to fence 2 years ago together with her older sister Jocelyn. She looks after everyone in her class and she always takes care of her opponents.
She feels sorry for everyone who she hits harder during a fencing bout and gives them condolences afterwards. Currently she is in the ZKeteers Level 2 Class.

Cher-Lyn Low

Cher-lyn has started to fence in 2011. Since then in every class, during exercises and fencing showing full concentration and focusing to do each and every single exercises as good as possible.
Her younger sister Cher-Mayne is also fencing in Z. Currently she is in the ZYouth Pre Elite Class.

Koh Ji Yoon

Ji Yoon started to fence just last year together with her younger sister Ji Min.
Since then she is following her coach instructions and trying her best to correct any mistake she makes during exercises. She is the winner of 2012 Z Gala ZK event. Currently she is in the ZYouth Pre Elite Class.

Jefferson Cheong

Jefferson has started to fence in 2010. It wasn`t easy but he fought hard and was determined to improve as a fencer.
The hard work and dedication have paid off as he had a big role in the U14 Epee Team which won its first ever gold medal in this year`s MINIME competition. Currently he is pursuing his fencing dream in Singapore Sports School.
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