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Value Award Winners

Above and beyond competition results, our most important task at hand is shaping character. Every year during our grand gala, we recognise those outstanding teams and individuals who set an example for the values we care most about. Learn more about them here and be inspired!


Rebecca Lai

When Rebecca first started fencing, she did not to compete because she was a bit afraid of losing, or perhaps was just too nice! This year, she is enjoying her fencing a lot more and is training harder together with her team mates. This hardwork paid off during the Singapore Minime Championships Girls Foil U10 event where she earned a bronze medal. Rebecca is a very respectful girl who leads by good example and is very focused as well as disciplined in the class. She is very polite and considerate in her interactions with her fencers as well as all her coaches. A great role model and worthy winner of our Honour award.

Akira Goh

He has been with Z Fencing since he was a young boy, now he is a 14yrs old teenager. Throughout his time with Z Fencing, all of us find him to be an honorable person who is honest, righteous with high morals and good principles. He would accept feedback from all, make corrections & improve on it. In victories or defeats, he would still be level headed and respect all. He  has really become such a great person on and off the piste. Foil is his main weapon but when he heard the epee team needed help, he said i will do it and put his heart into it and helped the team to achieve something very special. In every training and lesson he is more then just focused. His passion and heart is truly fencing and Z Fencing. His loyalty is undescribable. He is the BEST inspire TYPE. While he is in the Sports School he still comes to Z for private lessons and trainings as much as possible. 


Kieren Lim

Kieren exhibits focus and discipline in class. He also often helps the younger students. His actions earned him the distinction of being the first Class Monitor. He has at a very young age distinguished himself with the values we hold dear at Z. Being a true gentlemen.

Luc Liedtke

He stared learning fencing late last year in United Square and deserving to win the   Honour award because he is the type of person who leads the team. He always wants to help and guide his teammates even thoughhe was not asked to lead the team. He actually started a bit late to learn fencing but he thinks that he can catch up with the Elite class and he proved it, because when I’m watching him he always do his best to win and he keeps on trying what he learned in the lesson. He always follows the coach instructions and he is very polite. Always says Hi, Hello and shake hands with his coaches.

Ryan Tischenko

Ryan is a cheerful boy who enjoys his fencing. During class he is willing to ask alot of questions. When he fences with younger kids, he is willing to give advantage to them, and is always graceful even in defeat.

Annabel Hascher

Annabel Hascher is deserving this award, not just because she is the older sister of Clara! To me its a pity that she probably will never be able to fence anymore because of her knee injury which does not look very promising but even when she knew she probably will not be able to fence anymore she never gave up working on herself and supporting her team mates and attended training even when she almost could not walk. She is graceful in victory and in defeat no matter what she will respect her opponents always with a smile.

Lauren Schillabeer

From a young age, Lauren has shown willingness to challenge herself in all activities. During training she is serious, during free fencing she tries new technique. Her grace is shown both in character and in poise. She has always been a resolute fencer in training and yet a complete lady in her interactions with all. Well done Lauren!

Cher-Mayne Low

She stared learning fencing late last year in United Square under the class of Coach Jing Li. I chose her to have the Grace award because she has graceful moves in my Pre – Elite class. Though she is young age she still competed in China and Hong Kong international competitions this year. She really deserve to have an award. She always follows the coach instructions and she is very polite. She always says Hi, Hello and shake hands with her coaches. She actually can have all the value awards!

Clara Hascher

Clara Hascher is deserving this award because she came from the core class together with her older sister. She had not a good start because she needed to catch up a lot but something made her special. The way she fenced and cared about her new friends were amazing. Even when she got hit she smiled. When she lost she respected her opponent in a way you don't see often in such a competitive environment. She makes the ZK Elite girls feel it`s not only about winning, it`s also about caring for each other and to look after each other. Her smile makes you smile.

Bron Shem

Bron displays high level of concentration and even helps others in need. His happy demeanour livens up the class and he is always willing to help as referee. He has been fencing with us since he was 6years old and he has shown great progress in his development as a fencer and as an individual. When he first started he could hardly understand the coaches but now he has proven how he can adapt to the class together with his peers and working well with them together. He is a deserving winner of the Chivalry award.

Natalie Fock

Natalie always brings a bright smile to class. Despite being one of the younger students, she is willing to help her classmates along. At the recent Minime, she even turned up to support her friends in their competition.

Jackson K. Schilling

Jackson started his first fencing lesson in Oct 2012. He is a very well behave boy with amazing caring character. He always take care of the younger fencers in the class, help them in suiting up and hooking up. He always comforting the younger fencer who does not do well in their free fencing bout, listen to them and talk to them like a big brother. He will always lend his helping hands to those in need.
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