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Value Award Winners

Above and beyond competition results, our most important task at hand is shaping character. Every year during our grand gala, we recognise those outstanding teams and individuals who set an example for the values we care most about. Learn more about them here and be inspired!


Ananya Lev

Ananya has been inspired to become a top fencer and aims to represent India one day at the World Champs and Olympics. This goal has transformed him and given him focus and determination to train harder than ever. This year he is following his coach`s instructions and for the Minime Championships Boys foil U12 event, he got into top 8. He also won a SILVER mdal at the all India nationals for U12. He is training harder then ever before and more concentrated during exercises and fencing. This hunger will take  him far in his dream.


During training, Maheshwaran is always in the "ZONE", and he always willing to ask questions to further his understanding. As a result, his skills have been improving at a tremendous rate, and getting better and better with each training session. He is always polite, respectful and puts 100% effort ito his training. A great role model.

Tan Huan Kai

Huan Kai listens well in class and concentrates on all aspects of training. No matter if it is footwork, partner training or free fencing, he always gives 100% and focused on the task as much as possible. Given his young age, we are indeed impressed by this respect for our sport and his personal mastery. For sure, he will go far in fencing, and more importantly, in life.

Kim Dorucci

He joined the elite programme a year later and when he was in the elite class he tried his best to fence against the hardest fencers. He fully focused during his class and always looking for a challenge in fencing. Kim has a strong fighting spirit and is always focused on doing his best in each match. 

Raina Sharifah

She stared learning fencing late last year in United Square under the class of Coach Jing Li. I chose her to have the Discipline award because she is very nice and polite girl. She is so sweet not just to her coach but to her teammates also.

Tyler Koh

Tyler is well disciplined and behaves well before and after class. He is truly respectful to all at the club, and works hard in his quiet and polite ways. He is a true gentleman in the making and upholds excellent self discipline.

Dylan Bagget

In class, Dylan is able to switch between playing and training better than most kids in his age. Even though he isn't the tallest in his class, he still tries his best during exercises and fencing.

Chee Yong

Even though he is the youngest in his class, Chee Yong is able to behave properly. He is quiet and reserved, his level of concentration is very high and he is among the best in his class. A great role model and inspiration for all in his class and for Z Fencing.

Loo Howcher

This year he improved a lot and he is following his coach`s instructions. In his fencing he also improved tremendously and learned a lot more. He is determined to improve and in the Singapore minime Championship Boys Foil U12 event, he had a breakthrough. Howcher, a naturally hyperactive boy, had to master his self discipline and focus, so that he could train well and become better. This determination is truly inspiring and deserving of our recognition.

Jean Luc

Jean Luc is deserving this award because I have never seen any of my current students working so hard for something. Asking for private lessons so many times and I always rejected and told him only when you are ready you should come back. One day he approached me and said: Coach I am ready and I couldn't say NO anymore because he was right. He was ready. The moment I said yes I saw smile and happiness in his eyes. He is very disciplined in class but at the same time such a great TEAMMATE who you always can rely on. For me this year one of the greatest achievements to see someone working that hard for so long and to get rewarded in so many ways. I`m looking forward to see him up on the stage because he truly deserves this award.

Kristal Ng

Kristal is gutsy and willing to endure the hard training. She even insisted on coming in for training while having a fever because she was so determined to improve. During training and competitions, she dares to challenge bigger and better fencers. Her determination will give her the potential to go far in anything she wants.

Charlton Lee

He stared learning fencing late last year in United Square under my class. I chose him to have Determination award but because I’m his primary coach I can say that even though he is big for his age he really wants to do fencing even though sometimes I’m giving him a hard time in training. He always do his best. I never heared him to complain about anything.
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