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Our Z Team

Z Fencing is a growing international team of elite coaches, trainers, sports managers and professionals working with one goal in mind - to inspire the best.  Our Z Team has helped many young fencers achieve their goals of becoming more focused, become champions and inspired to be their best. We have a truly world-class team hailing from countries including germany, hungary, italy, china, usa, philippines, malaysia, and singapore. 

Our Founding Maestros

T.K. Wong

Director and Founder

Chairman & High Performance


Mak Chee Wah

Director and Co-founder

President International Development


T.K. Wong is an accomplished entreprenuer and former national fencer. He sets vision and overall direction for its growth, including Z's high performance strategy and quest for Olympic success with our elite coaching team and partners.


T.K. is winner of the World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Award, and Singapore's highest Youth award for Entreprenuership. He won Silver and Bronze medals at the 1993 SEA Games, was New England Intercollegiate Champion in 1989 and won the MVP award as captain of the MIT Fencing Team.


T.K. graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the Best Thesis Award in Computer Science under a scholarship by the Singapore government. TK studied at Raffles Institution and was also founder of the Raffles Fencing Team.

James Wong

Director and Co-founder

Head Coaching & Technical

James Wong is one of Singapore's most experienced and be-medalled master coaches. He leads Z Fencing in our technical and coaching development, and was instrumental in developing Z's highly successful 5 level curriculum and training methods.


He is the first of two Singaporeans ever to compete in the Olympics, and is the first Singaporean to attain the highest coaching title from the International Fencing Academy as Master of Arms. He is also an FIE B Rated Int'l Referee.


James Wong has produced countless champions both at Z Fencing, and when he served as the National Coach of Singapore. James was formerly a captain in the airforce, and was awarded SAFSA's Best Coaching Award.

Mak is a successful entreprenuer and former national fencer. He leads Z's international development in Asia, and has been instrumental in ensuring our sustained growth.


He won a Silver medal in 1993 and a Bronze medal in the 1995 SEA Games, and has represented Singapore at the Asian and Commonwealth championships. Mak led the start-up of Z Fencing in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, and oversees it's successful development.

Mak graduated from the National University of Singapore in Accounting and is a qualified CPA. He is co-founder and CEO of Melioris Pte Ltd, a regional IT-enabled financial solutions provider. He had worked previously at Ernst and Young, Singtel and SilkRoute Holdings.

Teo Ah Heok

Director and Co-founder

Principal of School and Operations

Ms Teo is one of Singapore's most successful female fencers winning countless medals and championships. She has a great way with children and has led the fencing school's operations as Principal for over 20 years since its founding.


Ms Teo leads the teaching of children at Z Fencing and is a pioneer of the Z Prep, our pre-school programe for 4-5 yr olds, as well as many fun but purposeful games and activities which help nurture the young's love for fencing and its values.


Ms Teo has won over 4 Silver medals at several SEA Games in both Foil and Epee. She has represented Singapore at both the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Championships. She was awarded SAFSA's Best Sports Woman of the Year twice.

Our Coaching Team


Coach Esther has been with Z for over 10yrs and has extensive experience and knowledge of our programmes, teaching methods and value system. She is also our Operations Manager and supervises the smooth operations of all our centres. 


Esther has a Masters degree in Sports Management. She started as a Management trainee at Z, and loves the idea that she could combine her love for sports with a management career around inspiring children.


Esther brings to her classes and centres the key difference of Z Fencing - integrating fencing with character development in a fun purposeful approach.



Coach Edward currently holds the position of Deputy General Manager at Z Fencing where he oversees the Coaching and Operations Team.


He does not like being deskbound and thus works with many young fencers in their fencing journey through fencing classes and also individual lessons.


Many of our top fencers have benefited from the personalized attention by Coach Edward. He was a hyperactive kid when young and pursued his passion to become a qualified SAF Physical Fitness Instructor and SSC Certified Conditioning Coach Level 2.



(Elite Coach)

Coach Ronald is one of two Olympians who have represented Singapore. He is one of Singapore's most be-medalled and talented fencers. 


His achievements include the 1992 Barcelona Olympics representation, 3 times SEA Games Silver medalist in Foil and Epee Indiv. and 2 times SAFSA Best Sportsman of the Year, and Best Team of the Year (Epee).


He has completed two Olympic Solidarity courses in Coaching, Presiding and Director of Technique, SSC NCAP Level 1, and NIE course for Coaching Children.


Coach Ronald is a highly experienced coach with excellent technical foundations, and tactical awareness. He is a left handed fencer and as such, also gives additional left handed training exposure.


(Elite Coach)

Coach Joseph was a former top German Youth National fencer and 2 times World Cup Juniors Champ. Joseph started his coaching career at the famed Tauber Olympic Centre.


His teamwork approach has forged a strong bond among his fencers who support and push each other to become the best. He pioneered the Lighthouse team which represents the very best of the Foil Youth Elite Fencers, serving as a role model for "The Best Inspire".


He has led the Z Elite Cadet & Junior Foil Teams since 2010. He has produced champions at all levels including U14 National Minimes, U17, U20 National, South East Asian and European medalists. His students have made history for Singapore including a 5th place finish at the World Cadet Champs 2015 (Men), Gold & Silver at an European CC event (Women) , Silver and Bronzes at the Asian Cadet Champs, and Gold at the SEA GAMES 2015 (Men & Women).

Ze Han.jpg

Coach Ze Han holds a degree in coaching from Australia. He started as a management trainee with Z and has overseen both the coaching and centre management aspects of the school. 


Han brings to each class lots of joy and fun to nurture the passion of the young ones. He loves playing with the kids and earning their trust to inspire them to train harder. Coach Han has been with the club for 10 years and has attained the level of senior fencing coach.


Coach Han is trained in both foil, epee and sabre, and has attended and attained the British Coaching Academy certification in all three weapons.

(Elite Coach)

Shu Ling.jpg

Coach Shu Ling is our newest and youngest coach where she has shown great passion and along with her joy with the young fencers. She uses her unique way of guiding and molding these young athletes every session and you could see the sparks in their eyes when they leave the centre. 

Shu Ling holds a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science, where she is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach.


Soon Huat.jpg

(Retail Supervisor)

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