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Handcrafted Performance. 

The ZSTAR FORCE 1® performance glove by ZZUMA. Handcrafted with anti-cut protection, kevlar® with impact diffusion overlay and our 3D anti-slip grip technology. Go full force with total control.  Designed to protect and give the highest level of performance to the world’s elite fencers™.

Limited to one order per size per fencer.*

Sizing similar to German specs such as Uhlmann and AllStar.

Expected arrival mid to late January. Notification via email.

All pickup at Z SAFRA or Z USQ.

No Returns or Exchanges.


Payment only by Paypal VIS/MASTERCARD (You can use Check out as GUEST)


*In case of orders beyond current pre-order, we may put in another request order and that should be available before end March, 2016. Subject to change without notice.


For Customer Assistance, please email or

for urgent cases call Esther at 9880 0379

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