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Founded in 1993, Z Fencing Singapore is the nation's first fencing club and now the best international fencing club across Asia. The Z Fencing Elite Fencers Academy is reknown worldwide for its vision of  bringing  together the best in fencing with character development for the young.  


With a growing international presence, Z Fencing is inspiring many young people to learn fencing, and to benefit from the values that will help them excel and succeed in life.


This will always be the Z difference and our raison d'tere.

"Success begins only with Focus, Discipline & Determination."


Est. 1993

Our Value Award Winners

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Jasmine Xu


Jefferson Cheong


Ji Yoon


Isabella F Harrison


Ray Oh


Cher-lyn Low

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Z Events

From 14 March

Mar Holiday Workshops- Try Fencing and love it!

Ages  4- 6yrs! Fencing experience programme for newbies! 26 March at SAFRA Toa Payoh for 75 mins - Download flyer w/ details.


Ages 7- 13yrs! Transform into a musketeer! 3 day fencing experience for novices!

Starts 14-16 March | 26-28 March

 at SAFRA Toa Payoh.

Download flyer w/ details



Assess your child's interest and potential to be a fencer! Sign up now!

Starting Feb 2016

New Classes Ages 4-18yrs

Sign up for our highly regarded 5-level grading classes with Level 1 - Intro new openings.


Age group specific for 4-5yrs (Z Prep), 6-12yrs (Zketeer), 13-18yrs(Z Youth) 


Convenient centres at United Square Mall & Safra Toa Payoh.


Click here for schedules.


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Call us today at 63540102 or fence@zfencing.com and Fence with the Best!

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What makes the Z Fencing System Special?

-- " 20 yrs of experience in developing a positive and inspiring curriculum for the young"

Z5 Level Curriculum
Character Development
Pyramid of Success

Systematic Grading System.

Elite Program

Integrated Values System.

From Novice to Competitive Levels 

Progressive and Clear Development

High Performance Fencing.

Long Term Athlete Development

Age Appropriate and Process Driven

Recognising Values Award Winners

Positive and Inspiring Coaching


Foundation for Excellence.

Learn the Roadmap to Success

In Fencing and In Life

Pursuing the Pinnacle of Fencing.

Competing at the Highest Levels

Masterclasses & Elite Coaches


Olympic Inspiration

A Culture of Inspiring the Best.

Instilling a Culture of Excellence

Habits and Attitude of the Best

The Best Inspire